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What My Kids are Getting for Easter

    To keep my brain busy lately I’ve been writing about my days at home and sharing that information with all of you. Although our days aren’t filled with just speech and language activities I hope you are finding the information helpful. I also hope they show that activities do not have to be crazy complicated or elaborate for kids to enjoy them and want to do them again and again.

    So next, I wanted to share what my kiddos are getting for Easter.

    The first item is a Butterfly Garden Kit…the one where you get the supplies you need and a voucher to order caterpillars. I know a lot of schools do this in their spring curriculums and I thought this might be a super fun activity for us to do this spring. It already arrived and I’ve ordered the caterpillars. They should be arriving soon! I’m hoping we can care for the caterpillars until Easter and then they can open the rest of the “kit” (aka the butterfly cage) at Easter. (If your kids are older or they’ve already raised butterflys they have other kits on

    Next items are fun kiddo umbrellas. My kids are obsessed with umbrellas for some reason and I found some very cute mermaid and shark umbrellas on Amazon. I thought these could come in handy if we have some rainy days that are warm and we just need to get outside. We will put on our rain boots and our new, fancy umbrellas and get some fresh (although wet) air!

    I’m also ordering some new silly scent markers. Now don’t get me wrong, we have a ton of markers here but the kids always want to use the silly scent markers and ours are running low. Finally, I’m going to replenish some of our disposable supplies like sidewalk chalk and bubbles that we’ve been going through very quickly lately!

    Who else has some good ideas for Easter gifts that are practical and can be used to fill your day with fun!? I’m looking forward to some Easter egg hunts in our yard and maybe even some egg races!