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Week 3 Review and Looking Ahead to Week 4

    This week was technically our school district’s spring break. Each morning we continued some form of “Mommy School” to keep a routine. The caterpillars grew like crazy this week and provided a lot of learning opportunities for the kids. Each day Griffin did a journal entry (just one sentence) about the changes he saw in the caterpillars and Maddie drew her observations.

    We also did a few fun Easter books/spring books including:

    • Too Many Carrots

    • Read the book

    • Completed writing prompt

    • Decorated crazy carrots

    • Made carrot cake muffins

    • There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick

    • Read the book

    • Completed sequencing activities

    • Decorated our own chicks

    • Life Cycle of a Butterfly

    • Read and discussed the changes that are coming with our caterpillars!

    At the end of the week, the sun was shining and we spent a lot of time outside riding bikes, paining with frozen paints, and making potions. The frozen paint (@busytoddler) was a huge hit and both Griffin and Maddie thought they were so cool and were very excited to create with it. We also did bubbles and dance parties on the front porch.

    This weekend we did some decorating for Easter. The kids were very excited to paint some Easter Eggs for our front porch. I think other families in our neighborhood are also going to put eggs on their doors. Sometime this week I’m hoping to go out and do an Egg Scavenger Hunt! This is what our scavenger hunt will look like:

    I’m hoping the houses who also decorated with eggs aren’t too spread out!

    This week for special Easter activities I am planning several egg hunts. If you visit:, you can download a free copy of clue for an inside egg hunt! I am also planning an egg hunt for math problems and one for sight words. Then, of course, one for candy on Easter!

    Looking for more ideas? Head here:

    We are also going to make Rice Krispie “nests” like the ones here:

    Finally, we will be dying eggs as well as decorating eggs using our EggMazing Egg Decorator. We got this contraption last year and Griffin and Maddie LOVED decorating eggs this way. It was super easy and not messy!

    I hope you are all staying well and are ready for week 4. I’m praying for more sunshine this week and news that we are flattening the curve.