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We Made it Through the Week!

    One week down and a few more to go!

    Friday was a really nice end to the week with a little sunshine and warmer temperatures! We did some morning work:

    • Weather journals
    • Reviewing digraphs we studied through the week with a review brain pop (from school)
    • Griffin completed a journal entry while Maddie worked on basic concepts
    • Listened to a spring book on You Tube and followed up with a spring Brain Pop (from school)
    • Griffin did Reading A-Z with Grammy while Maddie did alphabet practice with me
    • Snack with some read alouds

    After snack we decided we needed to enjoy the sunshine before it got too windy or cool. So we headed outside for sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and scooter rides. We also went for a walk and did an outdoor scavenger hunt. The kids rode their bikes while the adults walked. They decided their bikes needed baths when we got home. After bike baths, they enjoyed a picnic lunch outside!

    When we came inside the kids (and adults) needed a break and we relaxed with a movie and some more playing with the “city” created on the floor of their room.

    Saturday started off slowly with movie. Then my mom and I got to work cleaning Griffin and Maddie’s room, changing sheets and getting organized. This took most of the morning. The kids rediscovered toys as we cleaned and found two remote control cars that kept them both pretty busy for awhile! One of my goals, as we organize, is to have an area of the house that is clear enough that I can rotate toys in a more efficient way so that we can “rediscover” toys more often!

    After lunch the kids continued to play and we continued to organize until they were begging for an activity. We tried puffy paint (recipe from Pinterest but it was just equal parts glue and shaving cream and a little food coloring). They enjoyed the puffy paint and then painted some birdhouses we found while cleaning!

    We also did a Mo Willems drawing. Griffin and Maddie LOVE his books so it was pretty cool that they got to see what Mo looks like and hear him talk about his books.

    As they were painting and drawing I prepped an activity for tomorrow. I froze some different objects in an ice cube tray for them including beads that spell their names, a plastic gold coin, a marble, and some random shape buttons. Tomorrow I will give them some warm water and medicine droppers that they can “rescue” the objects from the ice. This is an activity that I found on Busy Toddler.

    I hope your weekend is treating you well and you are finding time to get things done around the house you’ve been putting off or have always wanted to accomplish!