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Special Education Services

Raising a child with special needs is rewarding but can also be, at times, very challenging.

When faced with a new diagnosis or current diagnosis, parents are often in need of support and guidance in navigating the various resources available and in effectively choosing and working with their child’s educational setting to develop an educational program that enables their child to learn and thrive. Lemon Tree is dedicated to providing the support and inspiration needed to parents of children with special needs, with the goal of empowering them to become effective team members in their child’s education.

We help parents understand their rights and responsibilities regarding special education laws under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and 504 Plans under the American Disabilities Act. We foster collaborative relationships between parents and schools which enhance students’ success. Our understanding of special education procedures and best practices – combined with our professional and personal experience-creates a unique approach to advocacy for children with special needs.

A consultation consisting up to 90 minutes can address, but is not limited to:

  • Helping parents of children with a new or current diagnosis figure out the next steps to get the services needed
  • Providing a greater understanding of 504 plans, IEE’s, ETR’s, IEP’s, ISP’s, FBA’s, and RTI and how they benefit your child.
  • Assisting in the process of determining whether special education services are needed and navigating those services
  • Assisting in designing special education programs
  • Educating families about their rights within special education in the school setting
  • Educating families on how the child’s disability impacts their ability to make progress academically, as well as socially and emotionally
  • Analyzing educational plans and providing feedback and suggestions to ensure that all needs are being met appropriately
  • Evaluating current instructional practices and making recommendations for adjustments and improvements as needed
  • Educational Mapping
  • Monitoring educational and behavioral progress
  • Assisting with discipline issues in the home and school setting
  • Advocating for services for the child and parent when dealing with educational organizations
  • Assistance in seeking scholarships and grants for therapies
  • Professional development activities for teachers, staff and others working with students with Autism and other special needs
  • Parent training and support

During our consultation we will learn about your child and their needs, while focusing on their unique gifts, abilities, and interests. Specifically emphasizing the “whole child,” which in an important piece in educational planning. During the consultation we will take notes, answer questions and collaborate to create a comprehensive plan. This is also the time where we help parents process information they have received from school systems and/or other professionals and formulate the next steps. This may entail observing the child in the classroom, talking with teachers/other professionals, and/or assisting parents in preparing for an upcoming meeting by generating questions and requests. Funding, treatment options, and possible placements can also be addressed.

A special education consultation will include up to 90 minutes with a report including recommendations and suggestions for a fee of $250.  Additional special education support will be provided for at a rate of $60 an hour.

Lemon Tree is a private pay practice. We accept personal check, cash and bank transfer payments.

“I am in love with Lemon Tree and with the amazing, compassionate and talented practitioners there.” – Natasha W.

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