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Day 4 – Grammy visits!

    Today was a good day. My mom was able to come visit and join our quarantine! The kids were super excited that Grammy was coming as we haven’t seen her since Christmas.

    We followed our new morning “routine” and started off with weather journaling and reading activities. Maddie was upset that she didn’t have her own weather journal so I hopped on Teachers Pay Teachers and found a free weather poster that I could laminate and use each day with her.

    I checked my email during these activities and luckily had e-mails from both Griffin and Maddie’s teachers. Both of them were very excited to see their teachers.

    Griffin’s teacher did a guided drawing and shared a joke. So fun! We checked off all Griffin’s reading activities from school. They were on scholastic’s website.

    After a quick morning snack we moved onto math. We watched a quick and very cute Brain Pop on subtraction. If you haven’t visited Brain Pop’s website you should! They have great educational videos and you can get free access right now.

    After math we went outside for an early recess because of the weather forecast. We had a quick lunch and then went for a walk. When we got home we did a read aloud and bubbles on the front porch while waiting for Grammy to arrive!

    After some Grammy time we worked on setting up a “library” in the basement. The kids have a ton of books on their bookshelves but I pulled out our spring and Easter books along with some leveled readers that had been put away. I wanted to have a different area of the house to transition to for a “library” opportunity. The leveled readers we happened to have provide Griffin with a bunch of books he can read independently which I think is important right now. I also have some new/novel books in my therapy materials stash that I plan on pulling out to add or rotate through. As you can see, its nothing fancy (and please don’t judge the mess of dress up clothes strewn about my basement!) but it will hopefully be a great area for us to transition to and have “library” on Thursdays, just like he would if he were at school.

    When the library project was done we headed to Maddie and Griffin’s room. I pulled up their carpet this morning. We have a ruggable in there and I really wanted to get it washed. Since the floor was bare I created a car track that Griffin could drive his cars around and had Maddie bring out her houses so they could create a city. They loved this and played for about 45 minutes. After playing, Maddie announced she was ready for a craft. We tried painting with forks to make tulips. The kids liked using a different medium to paint and I found that giving them a direction or a plan to paint helped them focus.

    After dinner, baths, and a show day 4 was done!