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COVID-19 Quarantine – How I’m Staying Sane! (Or at least trying to!)

    As so many of us face several weeks of house arrest, I wanted to share some resources and activities that I’m doing at home with my own kiddos.

    I’m sure you’ve seen that beautiful, color coded schedule floating around Facebook. It provides a great foundation from which you can create your OWN schedule that works for your child. I’m realizing that my kiddos, who are 3.5 and 5.5, are probably only going to make it through “mommy school” for the morning hours. And let’s be real, Mommy is only going to make it through a few hours of academic activities!

    I’ve decided that each morning we will follow our normal routine…breakfast, get dressed, and watch one show, then TV goes off and we begin our day. Monday and Tuesday seemed easy to plan as I’m fresh and ready with a variety of St. Patrick’s Day academic tasks and crafts related to the holiday. I’ll try and update all of you of plans after Tuesday!

    Some of my planned activities for my kindergarten student include:

    • sight word practice (recognizing on a big poster @busytoddler, coloring shamrocks with specified color has free worksheets)
    • making CVC words with different vowels (@busytoddler)
    • reading, sequencing and retelling books such as “How to Catch a Leprechaun” and “There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover”
    • writing about why he is lucky (variety of ideas on Pinterest)

    For my preschool student:

    • name recognition poster (@busytoddler)
    • coloring a rainbow (
    • rainbow name puzzle
    • tracing her name

    Activities for both:

    In the afternoon, I plan on allowing them time outside (weather permitting) and trying to structure the afternoon with some STEAM activities and sensory play. My husband built this sensory table for us on Friday evening. It was so EASY! Credit for design goes to @bjoremspeech…I totally stole it from her. We luckily had leftover lumber from project last year and after just a few cuts and some drilling it was complete. It took less than an hour. I ordered the bin from Target online and we picked it up this morning. The dimensions to make it are all included in the picture.

    Today we’ve already used it multiple times and the kids have LOVED it. I got the simple activities from @busytoddler. I love her Instagram account and she has a multitude of ideas to keep the kiddos busy and having fun! We made potions today using baking soda, vinegar, soapy water, and foam soap. I put my muffin tins in the bin and gave them each their own vinegar and baking soda and they went to town.

    Then we painted, washed, and dried dinosaurs.

    I hope some of these ideas/resources come in handy in the next few days. Again, I’ll try to keep sharing what is happening at our house, after all we are all in this together!